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Riley’s Children Health at Indiana University Hospital offers an Outpatient Opioid Treatment program.  The following information is taken from their website, which can be found directly at https://www.rileychildrens.org/departments/outpatient-based-opioid-treatment-program.

They offer information on:

  • Doctors & Locations
  • Program Forms & Resources
  • Related Departments
  • For Health Professionals


If you or a loved one is facing the challenges of opioid use disorder while pregnant, the maternal fetal medicine doctors at Riley at IU Health can help you. We provide compassionate care, helping you and your child throughout pregnancy and beyond.


Our expert Maternal-Fetal medicine specialists partner with you to provide personalized support and attention. We are here to help you have a healthier pregnancy, reducing risks of complications for you and your baby.

To begin care, you will need to stay in the hospital to receive subutex treatment. Subutex is a medicine that can help you begin to overcome addiction. During initiation, patients will stay in the hospital until a stable dose of Subutex is achieved. We provide Subutex management on an outpatient basis, during pregnancy and up to 8-weeks postpartum.

Your Riley at IU Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine provider will give you all the prenatal care you need. We offer comprehensive care to prevent, identify, and treat any pregnancy complications you or your baby may experience. As your partner for a healthier pregnancy, we will answer all your questions and concerns. Based on your individual needs, we will collaborate with other expert specialists, such as neonatologists to offer advanced treatment. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine providers work closely with social workers and treatment facilities in the community as a multidisciplinary team. We are able to assist you in finding available resources to aid you in your recovery.

If special care is necessary, your baby has access to the Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Riley. We offer the highest level of care for newborns and infants. If your child stays in our NICU, he or she is also eligible for enrollment in our Newborn Follow-Up Program to follow up on his or her health and development needs.

Learn More about Riley’s Outpatient Opioid Treatment Program

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