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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Indiana Alliance on Prenatal Substance Exposure works to prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol, drug and other substances known to harm fetal development by education, advocating and supporting professionals, policymakers, families and individuals throughout Indiana.

Our Vision

A state where all individuals are born free of exposure to alcohol, drugs, and other substances known to harm fetal development.


We believe that…

FASD is the leading known preventable cause of developmental disabilities and birth defects, and a leading known cause of learning disabilities.

FASD annual births are
greater than the new cases of
Down syndrome, cerebral
palsy, cystic fibrosis, spina
bifida, and sudden infant
death syndrome

FASD prevention is at least
ten-times more cost effective
than the $1.4 million lifetime
cost to treat one person with
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

FASD can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, income, or educational level.

FASD is completely preventable.

FASD children and adults can succeed with access to services and appropriate intervention.

FASD birth mothers deserve therapeutic intervention and treatment.

FASD families and caregivers deserve a voice among researchers and policymakers.

Meet our Staff

Jackie Franks

Jackie Franks

Executive Director
Emelia Ottinger

Emelia Ottinger

Outreach and Development Director
Maria Casbon

Maria Casbon

Program Manager
Susan Elsworth

Susan Elsworth


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