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 Treatment Atlas is now live as Indiana’s official addiction treatment locator, intended to help Hoosiers seeking addiction treatment find high-quality and appropriate care.

The free platform offers an easy-to-use dashboard to allow individuals to search for and compare participating programs using criteria such as location, services offered, populations served and insurance accepted so they can make an informed decision. Along with the option to filter and search in-state providers through the platform using these criteria, Hoosiers have the option to take an anonymous 10-question Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment to help identify and understand the appropriate level of care they need.

Treatment Atlas lists all 605 addiction treatment facilities certified by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction, and measures addiction treatment facilities’ use of evidence-based practices through a combination of validated data sources and reports them publicly.

Treatment Atlas replaces Indiana’s former addiction treatment locator and can be accessed at TreatmentAtlas.org. Information on recovery housing can still be found here. FAQs on Treatment Atlas are available here. Additional questions can be sent to the Indiana Office of Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement at [email protected].

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