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Indiana Alliance is excited to share we have added Rebecca’s Spotlight to our website. We want to create a space where individuals living with an FASD can share their stories. This space is called Rebecca’s Spotlight to honor self-advocate Rebecca Tillou and her work to give other self-advocates voice.  If you’re inspired to share YOUR story, let us know! 

Blooming with love, support and understanding

Wyatt’s mom Debbie shares her son Wyatt’s story with the pride and wisdom.

Wyatt was 19, almost 20 before being diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) even though he has sentinel facial features. It was a struggle because the doctor at Children’s Village could have diagnosed and helped us so much!

Need guidelines for referral and diagnosis? Check out this resource!

School was challenging much of the time because we had no diagnosis and I didn’t become FASD informed until middle school. He was disciplined for a disability and I was treated like a bad parent and judged. He struggled with executive function, math and time. Despite this he’s always had a good attitude and tried hard to please his teachers. Sports and scouting were saving graces with people who understood him, especially since his dad was out of our lives when he was 6 or 7 and died not long after. High school was pretty great because I taught at his school and educated his teachers. He excelled in sports, leadership and started dancing and was very popular and loved.

Need tips for students with an FASD? Check out this resource!

Wyatt is a good athlete. Very creative and a dancer. Wonderful with dogs and all animals. He’s compassionate, kind and hard working.

If you’re an individual or family, guardian, educator working with someone affected by FASD, Debbie wants YOU to hear this:

Living with a child with FASD and learning how to support their needs and build on their strengths is crucial. Along with this is making a paradigm shift in supporting their brain differences.  Individuals with FASD have unique gifts and a purpose just like everyone else. Always have hope. If your child is struggling try and find out why, and meet their needs. They’ll bloom with love, support and the understanding we all deserve!

More about Rebecca Tilou

Rebecca hopes to spread her knowledge of what it is like to be diagnosed as an adult with FASD – which is often called an “invisible disability.” Read more about her own journey of self discovery here and watch a video she created for others hereRebeccas has also written a book called “Tenacity” about her struggles to understand not just her biological roots but herself.


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