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Reinier deSmit tells his story of living with FASD for over 56 years – but was only recently diagnosed. It’s a powerful and personal insight into an adult who comes to realize he may be living with FASD – and how that brings clarity and freedom to himself and to his mom.

Here’s his intro:

This has been quite a journey for my Mama and myself. Also a ride for my partner, Anna Argante, and my producer Sue Kobus. This is a small labour of love from each of us… and my hopes are that it will reach the people it’s meant to reach.

You do NOT need to be an alcoholic to cause damage to your unborn baby.

You do NOT need to feel shame if you did not know this and your child may be affected. Shame will change nothing.

You CAN work with FASD and you CAN have a normal life, as a parent and as a FASD survivor. Well… normal enough !



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