This course explores the different levels of emotions, the complex nature of emotions and the basics of how closely aspects are connected

Our emotions have a tremendous impact on so much in our lives. It gets down into how we are wired. How we experience our emotions is not only vital to our health, but tells us so much about our own needs and the world both inside us and around us. Our emotions are a tremendous gauge to help us take our own temperature and learn how vital self-awareness and self-care is to recovery. In this workshop we explore the different levels of emotions, we explore the complex nature of emotions and the basics of identifying how closely our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are interconnected. We also take a look at how our positive, negative histories and trauma can impact how we experience our emotions and explore ways to utilize this information to help us understand ourselves more clearly and be present with the things we are feeling.

This course provides 3 behavioral health continuing education units to all who complete the course.


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