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These are some things to look for if you suspect someone you know may be affected:


  • low birth weight
  • sensitivity to light, noise and touch
  • irritability
  • unable to suck effectively
  • slow to develop
  • ear infections
  • poor sleep/wake cycles


  • poor memory
  • hyperactivity
  • no fear
  • no sense of boundaries
  • need for lots of physical contact

School-Age Children:

  • easily distracted
  • short attention span
  • poor coordination
  • trouble with large and fine motor skills
  • need lots of one-on-one attention

Older Children:

  • low self-esteem
  • trouble keeping up in school
  • poor impulse control
  • difficulty with public versus private environments
  • must be reminded of concepts on a daily basis

These signs may also be present in children without an FASD, however you will notice that “typical” parenting will not result in changes in behavior for children prenatally exposed to alcohol.

If you think it’s possible that you or your child has an FASD, visit our Resource Directory to find the resources you need near you.


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